2018 Association Momentum Competition

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Winners will be announced in mid-August. 








Win $1500 for your association.


Enter the 2018 Association Momentum Awards Competition for Construction Trades / Building Associations for a chance to win the $1500 Grand Prize.

Simply submit an overview of your association’s most successful idea, event, or program. The application takes around 10 minutes to complete. Entries will be judged on: Creativity; Industry Impact; Value to Association; Value to Members; and Replicability.

There will also be 3 – $500 prizes awarded, one in each of the following categories: Small Association, Medium Association, and Large Association.

The winners and their ideas will be featured in the 1st Annual Edition of The Big Book of Ideas for Construction and Building Associations. Learn more and apply by June 18, 2018. We want to hear your story!


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