6 Ways to Reduce Association Staff Turnover

how to reduce staff turnover imageLow-cost (and free) ideas to retain employees & improve morale.

There is a direct relationship between staff morale and retention. By focusing on a changing workforce culture and developing a retention strategy, associations can prevent (or at least manage) turnover.

Time off and latitude in determining work schedules can be a significant contributor to staff morale and employee retention.

6 Ideas for Time Off and Flexible Work Schedules

  1. Give employees the option of working an altered schedule that accommodates family, commuting, school, or personal work preferences.
  2. Provide a once-a-month pass for a longer lunch hour or to come in late or leave early — with the understanding that the time doesn’t have to be made up later.
  3. Give employees a free vacation day on their birthday (or to be used within 30 days).
  4. Depending on your season or workload, add summer (or winter) hours to your official benefits package. Or allow staff to work an extra half hour Monday through Thursday and then leave early on Friday.
  5. Close the office early on Halloween (reminder: letting employees know of early closures so they can plan with their families is always appreciated).
  6. Establish a work-from-home policy. One day per week (or month) can be productive if there is no need for face-to-face meetings.

See more tips in The Staffing Solutions Playbook:
44 Low- and No-Cost Ideas to Reduce Turnover and Improve Employee Morale.

Remember, turnover is preventable—or at least manageable. The key is to focus on a changing workforce culture and recognize that quality of work life is becoming more important to employees of all backgrounds.


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