8 Ways to Get (and stay) Caught Up at Work in 2018

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For associations, extra time is scarce. Learn how to make the most of your day by following these simple tips:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts
    Learn keyboard shortcuts for the computer programs you use regularly. The time you save will really add up.
  • Internet Time
    Limit how many times a day you check social media, news, etc. Otherwise, leave them alone (seriously).

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  • The Black Hole of Email
    Schedule specific times of day to check email. This seriously improves productivity. Read and respond, then close your email program.
  • Separate Work and Personal Emails
    By having different email accounts, you can avoid answering personal emails at work and work emails at home.
  • Critical or Important?
    When you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, put tasks into two categories: critical and important. Finish the critical items and then tackle things that are important.
  • Be Prepared
    Save time by putting together tomorrow’s game plan today. Before you leave, arrange the details of your day. This way, you can easily prioritize and schedule, which allows you to work more efficiently.
  • The Exit Plan
    You have a work start time, but do you really have a leaving time? If you schedule to leave the office at a specific time, you’re more likely to stay on task and be more productive.
  • Use an Association Management Solution
    Manage your organization with GrowthZone AMS. It’s easy-to-use and designed to manage all the day-to-day operations of your organization.

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