How to Understand What an AMS Vendor Offers

membership management software buyers workbook imageThis third and final installment of the blog series, “Where to Begin Your Association’s AMS Search” provides a critical checklist for evaluating the vendor’s proposal.

When narrowing down your search for association management software, the most important step is to ensure you understand what you are getting and what it will cost.

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understanding of what features are available

Before finalizing your agreement with the software provider, get a solid understanding of all costs (in writing), including: 

  • Terms of the agreement
  • What is included or, more specifically, what’s not included
  • Initial setup cost
  • Training and support
  • Per-member surcharge
  • Per-transaction charge (% or $)
  • Per-event-registration charge
  • Per-email-sent charge
  • Upgrades
  • Updates
  • Bandwidth
  • Storage space

A written cost proposal is a must. Clarifying exactly what you’re getting is key to avoiding confusion and frustration down the road.

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to ask about software training and support


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