A Simple Tactic to Appeal to Prospective Young Members

image of unicorn in suitIn an article recently featured in Minnesota Meetings and Events magazine, GrowthZone Association Management Software explored benefits that attract young professional members to join associations.

This demographic has high expectations for their association memberships; with the influx of millennials and Gen Z into the workspace, associations must continue to manage their offerings carefully.

Providing association benefits that young professionals really want is critical. But more importantly, communicating these association benefits is key.

Of all the benefits associations should promote in order to attract young members, resume building is particularly enticing.

Job opportunity is a primary motivation driving young professionals to seek out association membership. The ability to expand their resume by serving in leadership roles or on a committee is compelling.

image of association young professionals

Complementing resume-building options with professional development programs allows members to participate at a variety of commitment levels. Using association management software to facilitate the smallest engagement (answering questions in an online forum) to major participation (speaking at an event), all of your membership, particularly young professionals can take advantage of numerous professional development and networking opportunities.

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By providing young professionals with the tools to become leaders in their industry, associations validate their value. This, in turn, increases association recruitment and association retention numbers.

Editor’s note: This article was originally posted on May 21, 2019. It has been updated.

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