4 Free Member Benefits for Under-30s

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“Millennials want a brand that motivates, guides, and connects them through experiences.”
– Brent James of Concept 21, a footwear industry leader

What business is designed, at its very core, to motivate, guide, and provide experiences? An association.

The Perks of Association Membership for Young Professionals is an unbranded, free flyer for associations to use for member recruitment. It includes 12 benefits and their descriptions that are intrinsic to associations of all types and sizes. We’ve included 4 of them below.


Education paves the road to success in any industry. Associations host workshops, online training, peer-to-peer learning, etc. designed to help members to develop professionally.

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Associations help members create a name for themselves. Membership builds credibility, indicates a commitment to the field, signals a commitment to professional and ethical standards, and assures knowledge of industry trends and developments.

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Many associations provide access to job opportunities. Online job boards, career centers, job fairs, and exclusive openings are common benefits.


Members can participate in programs that help them with the steps to become a recognized industry leader. From the smallest engagement (answering questions in an online forum) to major participation (speaking at an event), taking advantage of any opportunity helps with professional development.

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This generation isn’t going away. Whether or not associations are going away depends on their willingness to adapt to 20- and 30-somethings. The sky’s the limit, so try something new.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of the New-Member Onboarding Process

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