In-Person to Digital: Shifting your Engagement Strategy

digital engagement for associationsCOVID-19 has changed everything. With the uncertainty of what might be coming next, associations and chambers should take action now in order to provide continued value to members.

From In-Person to Digital: Tips for Shifting your Membership Engagement Strategy provides a wealth of tips and how-tos for navigating and embracing the shift from in-person engagement to digital engagement.

Some of the topics covered:


Be a resource.
Now is an ideal time to position your association or chamber as an expert and drive greater awareness to your organization and its mission.

    • How to Make Sure Emails Get Through to Your Members
    • 4 Tips for Successful Association Email Campaigns

Shift to webinars and online conferences.
Keep your members informed by sending updates on how your association or chamber will be altering programming.

    • Why Host a Virtual Conference
    • Virtual Conferencing Tools
    • Tips for Video Conferencing from Home

Incorporate video into your messaging.
Hold your next event via webinar or video conference to continue to provide value to your members.

    • 5 Reasons Why Associations Should Use Vertical Video
    • Easy Ways to Use Video to Engage Members

Put the “social” in social media.
Use social media to give members the valuable human interaction they’re all craving.

    • Using Stories – Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook
    • LinkedIn Pages Best Practices
    • 30 Social Media Post Ideas
    • Snapchat 101 for Associations

Facilitate member-to-member connections.
Think outside the box to keep their members connected.

    • How to Create a LinkedIn Group for Associations

Find new forms of engagement.
Your association can fulfill the need for professionals to quickly learn and consume content to grow their knowledge and skillsets.

    • Strategies for Association Micro-Learning
    • Engage Your Members with a Virtual Book Club

Implement online payment options.
Incorporate a system for emailing invoices and accepting online payments into your financial model.

    • How to Choose a Credit Card Processor
    • Selling Association Memberships Through Your Website

Stay strong and be positive.
Your best bet is to try to be a calming resource for your members.

    • Motivational Quotes for Associations

Help your organization and your members with the guide’s wealth of tips and how-tos for navigating the shift from in-person to digital member engagement.

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