An Association’s Journey to Find a Smarter AMS

An inside look at one GrowthZone customer’s journey from an outdated data management system to a full AMS complete with NAHB WMS upload.

Veteran association professional, Natalie Fryer of the Home Builders Association of Fayetteville, recognized their 400-member organization had outgrown their existing association management software. What was state-of-the-art in 2007 was now simply outdated.

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home builder association management software success story imageThe HBA wanted a web-based solution. They initially selected a vendor who ended up not meeting their needs. They were so excited to make the change that they didn’t realize until after the fact that the provider really wasn’t speaking their language. After 14 months and substantial expense, their attorney finally prevailed and they were released from the contract.

The HBA began the process of looking for a new solution. Natalie was familiar with GrowthZone (formerly MemberZone) from NAHB conferences so she checked with other Executive Officers about their experiences. “GrowthZone had great reviews, the price was right, and they knew our language,” she commented. Additionally, a fully functioning WMS upload feature was particularly appealing to them after their previous experience.

“The fact that you only have to make a change once and it replicates across the system, along with the WMS upload button have made the biggest difference for us,” Natalie shared.

In addition, the system has made a big difference in communication. “Emails are so easy and I can track them,” she said.

When asked what she would tell other organizations about GrowthZone, she responded, “I’d tell them if their members are asking for change, consider watching some of the GrowthZone training videos to get an idea of what the software offers. Plus, they have great customer service, so you actually get what you pay for.”

Her favorite thing about GrowthZone? “I love the Event Management module.”

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