Interesting Trends in Association Industry Survey Results

GrowthZone Association Survey ResultsIt’s that time of year! GrowthZone recently released the 2021 Association Industry Survey results. This year’s report contains specific data on association value proposition recognition, COVID’s impact on organizations’ operating status, 2021 revenue trends predictions, etc.

The report also highlights:

  • Top non-dues revenue sources
  • The shift to virtual events
  • #1 job challenge
  • COVID’s impact on member engagement
  • and more

A couple of interesting data points:

Learn about GrowthZone softwareThe year-over-year change in net membership numbers shed light on the COVID’s impact on associations. In 2019, 40% of respondents indicated their organization saw an increase in the number of members. Whereas in 2020, only 19% of respondents said membership increased.

We asked, “Do you think members recognize your association’s value proposition?” 30% said their members “definitely” recognized the value proposition. Of those, 4 out of 5 reported COVID had a positive impact on members’ perception of their organization’s value.

To see all of the trends, download your copy of the report.

In its 7th year, the survey report has consistently proven to be GrowthZone’s most sought-after association resource.

Also, be sure to check out an on-demand fast-paced Q&A video presentation about the survey results with Teri Carden, founder of ReviewMyAMS.

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