The Benefits of Hiring an Association Intern

3 young professionalsThere are many benefits to adding an intern to your team. It is a great way to supplement full-time staffers for assistance with projects they might not otherwise be able to tackle. But don’t wait too long as summer will be here before you know it!

Be prepared and carefully consider how offering an internship to a student (or even an adult wanting a career change) can give your association the boost that it needs.

Fresh Perspective: Having access to enthusiastic young students can bring a fresh perspective.  If your organization has less than 15 employees, you can especially benefit from an extra set of hands, novel perspectives, educational thinking, and skill sets that augment the current team in place.

Interns managing your social media?
Give them 30 ideas for what to post on social media.

Technology: As fast as software, apps, and social media advance, keeping a finger of the pulse of technology can allow your organization to grow memberships more efficiently with fewer resources. Interns who are digital natives are the perfect candidates to assist with that.


    • Have a Plan: All parties involved will benefit with a developmental plan ready to go beforehand. Produce a written plan for the experience outlining the internship before putting that person in place (similar to a job description). This will ensure a well-rounded intern experience.
    • Interviewing: Select interns just as you would when hiring an employee. You want a person who fits in with the team and could potentially bring you long-term.
    • Manage Interns Effectively: Interns are accustomed to writing, researching, and producing with tight deadlines. Your team can gain a lot from their contributions if there are set Use interns to help manage the workflow to accomplish immediate objectives, not just administrative tasks.
    • Assign a Mentor: Regular meetings, goal setting, and guidance are critical. Encouraging the intern’s growth and monitoring progress can also ensure you are benefiting from their contributions.
    • Hire them: After a successful internship has been completed, keep that intern on a short list for a serial internship, or even better hire them as an employee. They already understand your business!

Compensation? Keep in mind that paying an intern allows them to work more hours for your business, rather than holding down a part-time job. It provides an opportunity for economically-challenged students to apply, and it can assist with paying for their education.

An average rate is $10-$12/hour, but the best-paid interns can make up to $20/hour.  Regardless of the experience, most companies believe that interns do deserve payment for services rendered.

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