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Member Engagement

Selling Association Memberships Through Your Website

Expert advice from membership expert, Frank Kenny. Are you getting sales on a regular basis from your Association website? If no, it might not be the membership product that is the problem, it could be the way you are trying to sell. To sell memberships through your website on a regular basis, you must do two things. Get qualified traffic to your website. Many organizations don’t prioritize this. You can get free traffic to your website by regularly posting valuable […]

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Recruit Great Association Volunteers

Recruiting association volunteers can be tough. Retaining them can be even tougher. But if you unlock the secret to the psychology behind volunteering, you’ll have a formula that works. Get (and keep) the attention of your newest members by implementing the tips and programs in The Fundamentals of New-Member Communications. Why DO people volunteer? According to renowned psychologist David McClelland, volunteers have three motivation drivers regardless of gender, culture or age. ACHIEVEMENT: People want a sense of accomplishment and to […]

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Why Brand Identity Matters for Associations

What exactly is brand identity? (Spoiler alert: it’s more than just a logo.) Is a Brand Identity important for associations? What exactly is a Brand Identity? Can a Brand Identity be explained? These questions are critical to ask yourself. If you can’t accurately define it, aren’t sure how to explain it, but are pretty sure it might be important, could you even come up with Brand Identity for your organization? Yes. As a matter of fact, you’re probably further along […]

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A Builder Association’s WMS Upload Success

One Association’s journey from frustrating software to a streamlined management process. The Home Builders Association of Durham, Orange, and Chatham Counties (HBADOC) was using association management software that was out of date and malfunctioning. According to Director of Operations, Kristina Ellis, they needed a system that integrated their website and database while giving their members an interactive, “hands-on” experience. Get the AMS Buyer’s Workbook and learn how to choose the right Association Management Software for your organization. Initially, they hired a […]

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2017 Association Industry Research Results

GrowthZone surveyed over 1,000 association professionals across the U.S. and Canada. We found out everything from their Top 5 recruitment methods to their most utilized member benefits. Respondents from organizations of various sizes shared their biggest challenges as well as their top sources for non-dues revenue. In its third year, the Association Trends Survey Infographic is again expected to be our most downloaded piece of content. Take a look at the easy-to-read infographic of the results and see how your association […]

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4 Social Media Tips for Associations

A successful association social media strategy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Simply follow the formula to navigate your way to an effective social media presence. The #1 Social Media Rule: Post things that are interesting, informative, and relevant to your members. See the rest of the formula along with post ideas for each category in the Association Social Media Survival Kit: Quick & Clever Social Media Posts. The Social Media Success Formula: Only 10% of your posts should be […]

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How Associations Should Communicate with Young Professionals

It’s a critical time in the association membership landscape and the future is in your hands. Adults age 18-34 (a.k.a. Millennials) account for 1/3 of American workers and are the largest share of the US workforce. Effective communication is essential to engaging them with your association. #Communications  Millennials want to hear from you. But they also want to seek out information independently. Keep your association website updated! According to 75% of survey respondents, the biggest turnoff is information that has not […]

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How to Survey Association Members

No question about it — Associations are conducting more surveys than ever. But are they generating the high-quality data needed to make good decisions? Kristin Clarke, CAE, interviewed Douglas Meyer with The Opinion Collective and SurveyMonkey’s, Sarah Cho, about trends in surveys. Check out these trends to boost your survey savvy: Start backward Meyer encourages organizations to ask themselves what they actually, really want to know. This results in fewer, but more targeted and higher-quality questions. Keep mobile in mind.  […]

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MemberZone is Now GrowthZone

Here at MemberZone, things are looking a bit different. We’ve recently undertaken an extensive re-branding effort, our goal being to develop a strong corporate identity that more accurately reflects who we are as a company. Beginning today, both our corporate name (MicroNet, Inc.) and the MemberZone software name will be GrowthZone. The GrowthZone name more accurately represents our commitment to, and expertise in, helping our customers grow their membership base and better fulfill their organizations’ missions. While our name is changing, […]

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