Employee Termination Checklist for Associations

image of stick figure opening file with keyThis is part two of our two-part blog series on association employee termination best practices.

This checklist from goptg.com will help associations ensure they are protecting their data during what is typically a stressful situation – employee termination.

  1. Disable and change all passwords for Windows Domain accounts.image of difficult people promo
  2. Disable email access.
  3. Remove access from any 3rd Party applications (whether they’re on-premises or in the cloud).
  4. Change password or remove access from websites with company information.
  5. Change password or remove access from any applications or website that publish as the company or clients (like a company Twitter account).
  6. Remove VPN access.
  7. Remove building access including any key card access to doors. If your building uses door codes, disable or change their code.
  8. Remove access to any tokens issued for access to applications (like two-factor authentication apps).
  9. Wipe company information from any employee-owned devices that were used to access company data (even if your company doesn’t have a Bring Your Own Device policy, it’s likely they still used a cell phone to access email). If you don’t already have a mobile device policy in place, you need to get one in place now.

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  1. Account for all company-owned equipment owned by the company with an inventory sheet.
  2. Account for software licenses designated for use by the employee and redistribute as needed.


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