(#2 of 2) COVID- 19 Membership Renewal Letter Template

This article was originally posted April 15, 2020. It has been updated.

member renewal letterMember renewals in the time of COVID-19 – it’s a challenge universal to associations and chambers of commerce everywhere.

To help membership organizations tactfully encourage renewals, we’re including the second of two, member renewal letter templates for your use:



The [ASSOCIATION NAME] recognizes and understands the challenges facing our members, and we are working tirelessly on your behalf.

From our COVID-19 Resources web page [INCLUDE LINK] to advocacy for our members and [INTEREST/INDUSTRY/TRADE/ETC.], the association/chamber is committed to helping navigate this shared journey.

Through these unprecedented times, our number one priority remains serving as the voice of our members and [INTEREST, ETC.].

As your investment renewal date approaches, and cash may be tight, we respectfully ask for your continued support by renewing – [potential idea: and we will give you special recognition on our website].

Your continued commitment to the [ASSOCIATION/CHAMBER NAME] enables us to:

        • Stimulate the [INTEREST ETC.] through programs, events, and services.
        • Advocate for our members and [INTEREST ETC.] by promoting a pro-[INTEREST, ETC.] climate and adopting positions to influence public policy through communications with elected officials.
        • Spotlight issues and gain visibility for [INTEREST, ETC.].
        • Provide timely communications about issues that impact our members and [INTEREST, ETC.].
        • Provide resources such as online job postings, an expanded web presence through the membership directory, and digital advertising opportunities.
        • Offer problem-solving services like [INSERT ADDITIONAL BENEFITS HERE].

We will continue focusing on our mission of providing unparalleled support for our members and to strengthen our [INTEREST, ETC.] – now and in the future.

Thank you again for your commitment and partnership. Our organization is strong because of you. Together, we will tackle this challenge (and whatever the future may bring), and ensure not only that [INTEREST, ETC.] will get through this but will thrive.

We look forward to our continued partnership. If there are additional ways we can help your business during this time, please contact [NAME AND EMAIL ADDRESS].




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