Part 3 – Dealing with Challenging Association Members

image of grumpy cat in business suit“The difficult people who we encounter can be our greatest teachers.” ~ Eileen Anglin

Managing your emotional intelligence is the key to diffusing uncomfortable situations with co-workers, members, and board members.

Use the tips featured in the third of our 4-part blog series, How to Deal with Challenging Members, to help you stay in control while reducing stress in the process.


Avoid confrontations in front of others and resist the urge to complain to others about your issues with the difficult person. Doing so will reduce potential awkwardness when things get back on track.



Focus on what can be done to fix the problem instead of dwelling on what has happened so far. Also, take time to think about how you can deal with the person next time the situation arises.


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Work to establish a stronger rapport with the person over the long run. With the amount of electronic communication today, the human touch can be lost.



Over time, you’ll recognize the person’s triggers, which will allow you to proactively diffuse the situation.


You’re more in control than you think. You can’t change people. But you can change the way you deal with situations that involve difficult people.


The Art of Dealing with Difficult People is a short, “how-to” which
includes various techniques to handle encounters with challenging personality types.


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