An EDC’s Road to Improved Efficiency and Growth

image of woman multi-tasking at desk.Case Study:
Converse Economic Development Corporation, Converse, TX

Kat Lindquist plays a significant role in the success of the Converse Economic Development Corporation (TX) as their Business Retention and Marketing Manager. With a master’s degree in Environmental Design and Consumer Economics, her passion for continuous improvement has added value to the Texas-based EDC’s efficiencies and customer service.

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Soon after joining the organization two years ago, Kat was frustrated with the customer database software they were using, which was a simple Excel spreadsheet. With over 200 diverse businesses in the community, she needed a better way to manage data and communicate with customers. Kat was frequently away from the office visiting with customers, so her “to-do” list continued to pile up for her back at the office.

Kat knew that The Chamber in Converse, located next door, had similar data management requirements as the EDC, and they were using ChamberMaster, a product of GrowthZone. With the chamber’s recommendation, Kat proceeded with online product demos and discovery with GrowthZone’s software specialists. The EDC ultimately transitioned to GrowthZone AMS as its exclusive platform to manage their organization.

“Even as a non-member organization, the features of GrowthZone software save me time every day,” said Lindquist. “The mobile access feature allows me to communicate with customers anytime, anywhere.”

Ever since the Converse EDC incorporated GrowthZone, Kat has more time to focus on growing the community, providing new business opportunities, and more jobs.

“GrowthZone software is very user-friendly,” added Lindquist. “However, our customer service representative, Erin, makes me super happy because I don’t have to be the expert.” 

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