Introverts and Extroverts – Keeping ALL Members Engaged

tips on how to engage with all members of your association imageMost associations have a variety of personalities within the group – on average, about 30 percent of members in a professional organization are introverts, 40 percent are strong extroverts, and the remaining 30 percent fall somewhere in between the two.

Providing an atmosphere that welcomes all personality types is not only critical for growth, but also helpful in increasing member engagement among all of your members.

Steps to providing an environment that welcomes all personality types include:

  • Determining what your members value
  • Adjusting what your association offers
  • Facilitating Interactivity
  • Encouraging mentorships

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From Introverts to Extroverts – How to Engage All Members

By embracing your introverts, extroverts, and every member in between, and by providing them comfortable opportunities to contribute, you will certainly see an engaged and growing association.

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