Engage Your Members with Marketing Automation

Engage Your Members with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the ultimate win-win for associations. Forget the days of tedious marketing work with little return; with the right tools, your members and prospects can receive a personalized experience where they feel supported and stay engaged with little effort on your part. Keep reading to learn how to optimize these benefits (and more!) and grow and engage your membership through marketing automation.

Every member has different needs and expectations. Marketing Automation is a premium module available in the GrowthZone platform that will help increase your outreach while decreasing your efforts. By using marketing automation, you can customize content to ensure your members receive exactly what they want. Use lists to mix, match, and remove members so each member’s inbox is filled with relevant and engaging material. They will only get information and help where they need or want it. This tailored strategy allows members to experience an association membership made just for them.

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Your staff is busy. Learn how to you can use GrowthZone AMS to promote productivity and efficiency»


You can curate email campaigns while specifying the recipients and frequency in which they receive your content. Set rules for the software: If your emails aren’t viewed, your reader receives fewer messages. We like to say, “set it and forget it.” Once you identify and set your campaign needs, it will run itself. Streamline your prospect marketing leading up to events, fundraising, sponsorship opportunities, and more.

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Watch the GrowthZone on demand webinar, “New Members in Your Inbox” with Kyle Sexton, to learn how to implement a successful automated, email marketing campaign, best practices for membership marketing, and more.


Did you know: GrowthZone’s Marketing Automation module is preloaded with a template for a one-year new member engagement campaign – it includes 25 built-in steps, including customizable email templates and workflow steps.

It’s easy to create great-looking emails with the drag and drop Email Designer in GrowthZone. You can choose from millions of preloaded images or upload your own, and drop-in content from your database into your emails, including a list of new members, upcoming events, and any web content list you create.

Turn your landing page visits and form submissions into actionable campaigns. With GrowthZone, you can also create customized landing pages to share focused content with prospects and members—and generate leads.

Member engagement is the secret to member recruitment and retention. Don’t believe us? Learn why you should be using email marketing automation—watch Frank Kenny’s “Automated Member Recruitment & Retention” on demand webinar.

Want to learn more? Check out Frank Kenny’s take on Marketing Automation for Associations and Chambers.

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