Healthcare Association Pros Share Their Biggest Challenges to Growing Membership

Medical & healthcare association professionals across the U.S. and Canada provided a look at the inner workings of their organizations when they replied to GrowthZone’s survey in the 4th quarter of 2022. The survey results indicate their most significant challenge to growing membership is difficulty reaching prospective members and attracting and retaining younger medical professionals.

For today’s associations, the challenge of recruiting and engaging young professionals is never-ending. For medical associations and societies, it can seem utterly impossible. Young medical professionals keep rigorous schedules. Therefore, the challenge of competing for their time typically surpasses that of other associations.

Healthcare associations must communicate their value proposition, benefits, and services to potential members. Young medical professionals are tech-savvy – over 98% have the latest technology and spend nearly 4 hours daily on the Internet. Since the pandemic, video chatting and social media apps have been the most popular communication methods. The takeaway: reach young professionals through mobile-optimized technology.

Engaging with young professionals is vital to your association’s growth because they are energizing, creative, and innovative. They delight in making positive systemic and organizational change. Which begs the question: Can you afford not to engage them?

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