How Your Chamber Can Help Members Find Employees

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No, it’s not just your town or industry, right now businesses everywhere are struggling to find the help they need to run successfully. Job openings have nearly doubled over the past year, but they are not being filled. So, what can your association or chamber do to help your members find employees they can depend on? We have put together some strategies to help.

1. Make ‘Help Wanted’ signs for your members to put in/outside their business. This is a simple and effective way to advertise a job opening. Assemble yard signs that business owners can pick up or send a unique print-out to each member with their own logo.

2. Host a speed job interview event. This is a quick way to match employers with employees by helping them make connections. Similar to a speed-dating event, have your businesses set up booths with jobseekers rotating through each booth for 3 minutes. This event can be hosted in-person or virtually.

3. Utilize GrowthZone AMS job postings feature. Businesses can post their job openings to appear on your chamber’s website. This feature functions like a specialty job board and can help match employers with new people moving to your area.

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4. Use social media to advertise job openings at your chamber. You can create short, videotaped interviews with local employers where they discuss the benefits of joining their business and what the job entails. Provide updates periodically to your followers about what jobs are still available.

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5. Host a career day for high school students. Have speakers from local businesses recruit teens searching for summer jobs and future career paths. Young people are our future, and it is important to start building a pipeline for them to enter the workforce, now. By nurturing young professionals, your business will be preparing for its future.

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