The Secret to Recruiting Association Volunteers

You need volunteers to keep your association humming. Recruiting them can be tough. Retaining them can be even tougher. But if you unlock the secret to the psychology behind volunteering, you’ll have the formula that works.

image of hands volunteeringIt’s important to recognize and address the reasons people don’t volunteer:
• “I don’t have the time.”
• “I’m doing things with my family.”
• “I have a full-time job.”
• “I already have too many priorities.”

Equally important is to focus on what volunteers want:
• Be appreciated
• Be socially connected
• Learn something new
• Be communicated with regularly
• Know they’re making a difference
+ 5 more things

By understanding volunteers’ needs, you can assign tasks that meet their motivation driver and availability. Suddenly, you have happy and fulfilled volunteers that keep coming back for more!

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