Interesting Trends in 2022 Real Estate Association Survey Results

Interesting-trends-real-estate-surveyReal estate association professionals across the U.S. and Canada look at their organizations’ inner workings when they reply to GrowthZone’s annual association survey.  This year, over half of real estate association pros aren’t confident their members understand the value of the association. However, 72% said overall engagement with members improved or was better year over year.

Get the complete 2022 real estate association survey results report to see how your association compares:


The report also provides valuable words of encouragement and written comments from real estate association professionals, including the topics of going virtual and perseverance during the pandemic. One association professional responded, “Don’t try to predict the unpredictable.”

Another shared they learned, “Modifying operations to work virtually has really shined a light on the decreased need for a physical workspace for our office.” Can you relate? Read more real estate association survey results.

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