January Social Media Post Ideas for Associations

image of group working on giant calendar pageJanuary is the perfect time to hit the ground running with new association social media tactics. Plan ahead with these holiday and event ideas for your January posts:


      • Birth Defects Prevention Month
      • Cervical Health Awareness Month
      • Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month
      • Self Defense Awareness Month
      • Glaucoma Awareness Month
      • Walk Your Pet Month
      • Human Trafficking Awareness Month
      • Oatmeal Month
      • Blood Donor Month


image of cork board with motivational quotes


      • Home Office Safety and Security Week – 1st full week
      • Letter Writing Week – 2nd week
      • Snowmobile Safety Week – 1/19-1/27
      • Clean Out Your Inbox Week – 1/22-1/28

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