Losing at Basketball Improves Success

Sometimes it’s better to be losing.

A study by Jonah Berger of 18,000 NBA games shows that teams losing by a point at halftime were actually more likely to win than teams ahead by one point. Statistically, LeBron James is 8% better when his team is down late in the game.

Why? Because being behind can be motivating. Teams, and people, work harder when they’re losing by a little.

The father of Human Performance Technology, Thomas Gilbert, believed that “it was absence of performance support, not a person’s lack of knowledge or skill, that was the greatest barrier to exemplary, or worthy, performance.”

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Colleagues who work together to build a supportive environment and a sense of community are prepared when their team falls behind. Building a solid working relationship includes complimenting one another as well as leaning on each other’s expertise. By keeping open communication and establishing trust, when things get tough and everyone needs to strive towards one unified goal, it’s a win-win.


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