New-Member Onboarding: It’s Okay to Make Program Changes

image of new association member onboardingAn association’s member onboarding program is the ideal litmus test for gauging success in member engagement. Many say onboarding is the foundation on which member engagement is built.

The key to building a successful foundation is to regularly evaluate what is (and isn’t) working and make adjustments based on the evaluation.

Quick tips for gauging onboarding success:

Is the association meeting the new member’s expectations? Fingers crossed, maybe even exceeding their expectations? The answers will guide you in finetuning their experience.

The 12-month mark provides the most robust data, but if associations aren’t reviewing statistics at least quarterly, they are behind right out of the gate. If the onboarding program is a morning beverage, proactive analysis is a double espresso while delayed, reactive analysis is a lukewarm, watery cup of tea. 

The results from the association’s proactive analysis are only worth something if they are used. If part of the process isn’t producing results, change it – sooner rather than later.

If something is working or performing beyond the association’s wildest dreams, determine why. The “why” should be considered for other lesser-performing aspects of the program.

Remember, effective new-member onboarding is the best method to counter non-renewals and improve engagement. So, it should be a big, if not the biggest, priority of an association.

Be sure to avoid the pitfalls of association member onboarding.
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