69% of Real Estate Associations Surveyed Report Increased NEW Membership Year over Year

Real estate association professionals across the U.S. and Canada look at their organizations’ inner workings when they reply to GrowthZone’s annual association survey.  This year, 58% of those surveyed anticipated a net increase in membership from 2020 to 2021, and 69% reported increased NEW membership year over year.

Get the full 2022 real estate association survey results report to see how your association compares:

  • Annual operating budgets
  • Membership growth and retention
  • New services and innovations
  • Lessons learned from 2021, and so much more!

The report also provides valuable words of wisdom and write-in comments from real estate association professionals including the topics of communication and flexibility. One association professional responded, “I have been struggling to find ways to make sure our members get the communications they need that are important.” Another shared they learned, “Things are changing constantly, and we would rather adapt them than be stuck trying to make something work that isn’t viable anymore.” Can you relate? Read more.

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