See the ROI of a Powerful Association Management Software

Powerful Association Management Software

For associations, investing in a powerful Association Management Software is a critical step towards promoting efficiency for staff while also reinvesting time back into the association and its members.

An AMS should deliver ROI that works for your association’s fundamental processes while helping to extend its potential and eliminate time spent on tedious manual tasks. Put GrowthZone’s AMS to work to save your staff, leadership, and members time and watch your association flourish.

Maria Brogan, CEO of the Northeast Association of REALTORS® remarks “GrowthZone ended up checking all our boxes – I think we’ve saved over $20,000 in credit card fees just in our first year.”

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Find freedom in your workday through membership management assistance.

  • Database and Contact Management that easily manages and digests data with custom views, lists, committee management, segments, sorting, member directories, and more.
  • Fully-Automated Renewal Process that avoids hours of manual renewal work with membership auto-renewals and auto drops.
  • Communications that maximize member and prospect interaction with integrated communication like email automation, push notifications, communication tracking, note logging, meeting/phone call tracking, etc.
  • Custom Membership Structures that help you stay ahead of the curve with variable dues structures, interval payments, and company memberships. Even if you’re not quite ready for a tiered dues structure now, it will be there when it’s time.
  • Continuing Education that will help you grow with the explosion of online education offerings, member interest in certification, accreditation, credit tracking, and LMS Integration.
  • Chapter Management that allows parent-level organizations to scale their operations to optimize the member experience. Manage chapter structure, connect membership applications with a chapter, and execute member communication at the chapter level.

Return on Investment Association Software

When these processes are executed, members are engaged. When members are engaged, they renew and recruit. The ROI is clear.  Member engagement is at the heart of renewals, recruitment, and non-dues revenue. It makes sense for staff and members to operate from one platform, allowing staff collaboration, tracking of inner-organization communications, measurement of member benefit usage to assess engagement, and providing records of member interactions.

Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Matt Levine, a Project Manager/Consultant for American Subcontractors Association says, “The GrowthZone platform allows us to do more in less time, so now we can exceed the expectations of our chapters and individual members.” Are you looking to do more in less time? Jump on this train and propel your association into efficiency!

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