Top 11 Chamber Management Software AMS Systems

Chamber Member Management Software Comparison

Leveraging a robust membership management system enables chamber professionals to spend time engaging members and developing their chamber instead of focusing on mundane, repetitive tasks. Whether your chamber of commerce is regional, local, or niche-specific, a feature-rich Association Management Software (AMS) platform is a must.

This article will help you evaluate different association management software systems for chambers of commerce.


What is Association Management Software (AMS) for Chambers?


To put it simply, an AMS provides chambers of commerce with an all-in-one member management system to:

        • Streamline operations
        • Manage membership data and communications
        • Grow membership
        • Simplify event and exhibit management
        • Generate revenue
        • Maintain finances and accounting

Selecting a chamber of commerce software platform that meets all your needs – chamber member database, email system, billing and payment options, chamber event platform, chamber of commerce website builder, and other valuable benefits – can be challenging. It’s essential to determine your needs and how they align with available member management platforms.

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Ensure a prospective management system is a good fit for your team’s strategic plan, overall operations, and day-to-day tasks. It’s critical when researching association software for chambers, to consider long-term growth goals. Narrow down options to ensure you’re looking at systems that provide flexibility to achieve your chamber of commerce goals now and in the future.

Once you’ve narrowed down software options, consider scheduling an online, high-level software overview with each AMS provider. Asking questions and taking notes will help you remember details about the chamber software. Then, when diving deeper into research on Association Management Software for chamber of commerce management, set up a follow-up demo to get an understanding of specific features critical to your chamber’s success.

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Popular Chamber Software Platforms:


GrowthZone Chamber Edition

GrowthZone Chamber Edition offers a complete, web-based membership management platform designed for chambers of commerce. It’s ideal for chambers with 1-100 staff users and of all membership sizes. It is a modern platform built by the team that brought you ChamberMaster.

GrowthZone Chamber Edition provides chamber professionals with a powerful, easy-to-use system to manage the daily workflow of running their organizations. It serves as the foundation of their mission, helping them grow and retain membership, engage and inform members and prospects, and streamline tedious tasks.

The GrowthZone Website Content Management System (CMS) empowers chamber website administrators to manage their sites fully and intuitively. GrowthZone Chamber Edition software easily integrates with a chamber’s existing, stand-alone site or a GrowthZone-built website. When a user updates data in the AMS, it replicates in real-time, system-wide, so those changes are also reflected on the website. The Evergreen Website Subscription program allows customers to update their chamber website design every 36 months, with no additional charge.

Third-party integration partners include Zoom, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Elevate LMS, Stripe, and many more. See Partnerships for an updated, complete listing.


    • Member management
    • Chapter management
    • Custom membership-structures
    • Communications module
    • Automated renewal process
    • Document management
    • Workflow automation/project management
    • Customizable dashboards
    • Mobile staff app
    • Custom form builder
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Multiple admin access
    • Automated invoicing
    • Recurring payments
    • Online payment processing
    • Mobile credit card processing
    • Financial reporting
Chamber Nation

Chamber Nation provides AMS software geared toward chambers of commerce and other member-based associations and delivers full-service economic development tools for members and staff.

Their modules and apps are designed to work with the integrated mobile publishing platform.

They offer two packages: Chamber Nation+ program with automation and easy sign up for new members or Traditional Chamber Nation membership management system with a mobile-friendly website platform. They recently launched Chamber Member Marketplace for member promotion. Chamber Nation offers different options for chambers of commerce, merchant groups, and economic development programs.


    • CRM
    • Membership database and billing
    • Central dashboard
    • Chamber meetings with Zoom integration
    • Tiered memberships
    • QuickBooks integration
    • Custom member portal
    • Member prospector
    • Project management
    • Legislative action center

    • Volunteer automation
    • Board member reporting
    • Election management
    • Email and text communications
    • Survey automation
    • Event and all-community calendars
    • Registration for virtual and in-person events
    • Donation automation
    • E-commerce store

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MemberClicks (Weblink Connect/Personify)

MemberClicks AMS is designed for a variety of membership organizations. MemberClicks can provide a stand-alone membership website or the option to enhance and integrate their member management software with an existing website.

In 2017, the chamber-focused Weblink Connect became a smaller subsidiary of MemberClicks. Since the acquisition, the platforms have combined and are sharing features. Personify subsequently acquired MemberClicks in December 2020.

At present, they offer the following systems: Atlas, which is suited for member management of chambers and trade associations; and Oasis, which is suited for professional associations; and ePly, which is for event registration.

There are 5 software subscription options at different price points, ranging from Base to Complete, offering combinations of the following:


    • Membership management
    • Website and community features
    • Job board
    • Website CMS
    • Volunteer management

    • Email marketing
    • Learning management system
    • Donor management
    • Conference and event app 



 CC-Assist by Chamber Data Systems, Inc. offers on-site, desktop membership management software for associations and chambers of commerce. It was designed to generate non-dues revenue and streamline work processes. CC-Assist is not web-based, allowing users to work with data offline when no internet connection is available. CC-Assist Mobile is an app providing access to information about members, events, and accounts receivable.

Users can Integrate and match the look of an existing website with CC-Assist or have them design a mobile-friendly website with search engine optimization included. It also interfaces with several third-party applications, like QuickBooks and Facebook.


    • Marketing
    • Event management
    • Membership record keeping
    • Billing system
    • Custom reporting and analysis

    • Member communication
    • Online payment processing
    • Website design and integration
    • Mobile app

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YourMembership is the flagship product of Community Brands, a tech conglomerate consisting of 34 software products, including 5 AMS platforms. YourMembership provides broad, cloud-based software for everything from non-profits to faith-based groups, from small associations to association management companies, and more. It is designed to help membership organizations manage administrative processes, track financial data, and create and build engagement with members.


    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Membership management
    • Event management
    • Website design and hosting
    • Online community

    • Accounting and payment processing
    • Dashboards
    • E-commerce and donations
    • Email marketing

Additional available features include a learning management system, social community, workflow automation, advertising, media solutions, and mobile event app.


Personify360 offers cloud-based AMS software geared toward mission-driven and member-focused institutions, such as charities, health and wellness organizations, and large to medium associations. It is ideal for handling complex membership structures with multiple business lines.

Personify allows customers to connect their AMS with other software solutions to securely exchange data and interactions to create a single-source flow of information.


    • Constitutent relationship manager (CRM)
    • E-business tools support multiple revenue streams
    • Complete transaction engine
    • Robust reporting and analytics
    • Dashboards
    • Workflow management
    • Payment processing
    • Education management
    • Member directories
    • Event management
    • Education subscriptions and certifications
    • Fundraising and donor management
    • Staff app
    • Constituent app



The parent company of Membee, IRM Systems, Inc., is a database software development business that serves small-staff associations, membership-based organizations, and non-profits. They developed Membee as a cloud-based membership software system designed specifically to help non-profit organizations grow.

Membee offers fully automated membership management, including automated new-member signup, existing member renewals, and event registration management. Their offerings allow customers to add features to their existing website (like widgets for online payment processing) or the option to create a brand-new, all-in-one, mobile-friendly website.


    • Content management system (CMS)
    • Financial
    • Performance reporting
    • Events
    • Member profile
    • Donations

    • Member login
    • New member signup
    • Promo codes
    • Communication / CRM
    • Build a store
    • Hosting and security


Wild Apricot by Personify

Wild Apricot AMS was acquired by Personify, now falling under their product offerings. This cloud-based software is designed for small to mid-sized organizations, such as foundations, clubs, sports, education, non-profits, chambers of commerce, business directories, and training organizations. It is a good solution for volunteer-run and small-staff groups.

Wild Apricot offers a do-it-yourself solution allowing organizations to create professional-looking, mobile-friendly websites where members can join, register for events, or access a local directory. A drag-and-drop interface lets admins be the designer, with no IT required. It is a simple platform offering a trial for users to experience its capabilities and limitations.


    • Operations management
    • Customer/member management
    • Financial management
    • Orders and invoices

    • Meetings and exhibitions
    • Subscriptions
    • Fundraising
    • Automated renewal process


Glue Up

Glue Up (formally known as EventBank) offers cloud-based software designed for organizations of all sizes ranging from start-ups to financial service companies, from corporations to consultancy firms, and from non-profits to associations and chambers of commerce. Founded in 2013, EventBank was focused on event management; today, they are an all-in-one management platform.

There are 5 software packages available: event management, webinar management, community management, and training management. GlueUp also offers two mobile apps: one to manage the organization and one for engagement.

Glue Up serves corporations and membership organizations worldwide with 8 offices in Asia, 2 offices in Africa and Latin America, and additional offices in the Middle East, Russia, and the U.S.

The Membership Management Suite for Chambers of Commerce includes:


    • CRM
    • Event management
    • Email campaigns

    • Invoicing and payments
    • Community
    • Mobile apps



MemberSuite provides cloud-based AMS software and business intelligence solutions for non-profits and professional trade organizations. With the open API, the software allows third-party integrations for single-source data flow and management.

MemberSuite was initially launched to provide an affordable, web-based solution for non-profits. Today, the focus has moved toward member experience and engagement, which led to the Event Farm acquisition in 2019, allowing them to add more event functionality to their platform.

The enterprise-level association management system allows organizations to accomplish all activities in one place.


    • CRM
    • Member management
    • Event management
    • E-marketing
    • Portal

    • Event engagement
    • Reporting
    • Certification
    • Finance



iMIS is a cloud-based solution geared towards unions, non-profits, associations, and membership organizations. Built with Microsoft tools and powered by the Microsoft cloud, iMIS also features an open API to unify databases and other third-party applications into a single, cloud-based engagement management system (EMS).

This platform provides a built-in individual and company engagement scoring module, providing valuable insight through tracking. Founded in 1991, ASI has 40,000 customers and operates in 20 countries. Most recently, the company introduced a learning hub for customers.


    • Content management system,
    • Membership management,
    • Engagement scoring,
    • Social media capabilities
    • Certifications
    • Event management
    • Fundraising
    • E-commerce
    • Advertising

    • Website management
    • Online forms
    • Campaigns and email marketing
    • Member app
    • Financial management and accounting
    • Payment processing
    • Executive dashboards
    • Workflow automation
    • Virtual online events


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