How to Write a Welcome Email for New Members

How does your Association welcome new members? Do you simply fire off a quick, generic email to them and move on to the next thing on your to-do list? If so, you need to change your approach: Sending a Welcome Email to new members is an enormously valuable opportunity that only happens once. Don’t pass it up.

A welcome email is categorized as a ‘triggered’ email (learn more about triggered emails in The Power of The Welcome Email). Triggered emails get 3x the open rate and have 135% higher click-through rates than business-as-usual emails. They occur at an early stage in the member relationship before email fatigue sets in.

The All-Important Subject Line

In the battle of the inbox, you’re fighting for attention. An engaging subject line makes all the difference. It should catch the reader’s attention, thank them for joining, and give them a reason to open your email. Try something like, “Thanks for joining. Now what?”

Who It’s from Matters

Using a recognizable sender name and email address is critical. Remember, the sender name is just as visible as the subject line in an inbox. On mobile devices, it’s even more visible. The sender name also greatly impacts open rates. Be sure to use a real person’s name with the organization’s name. For example, “Scott from GrowthZone” is far more effective than “Scott” or “The GrowthZone Team”.

Next Steps

Have you done everything right so far? See the next steps for creating an effective Welcome Email including:

  • Why a ‘no-reply’ email address is not okay
  • Avoiding spam filters
  • Keeping it short AND authentic

Introducing your organization, establishing credibility, and reinforcing the decision to join sends a strong message to new members. Take the time to strategically craft this communication and start the relationship on the right foot.

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