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Business member associations face unique challenges. Some challenges, like engaging members in events and sponsorship programs, face business associations regardless of size and geography. Other challenges are unique to communities with smaller or larger business populations. GrowthZone’s solutions were developed with your business association’s needs in mind.

Business associations use GrowthZone AMS to track and manage members certifications and continuing education credits, as well as monetize and track sales opportunities such as memberships, sponsorships, and subscriptions. (And more!)

Keep Members Engaged with GrowthZone

In addition to a fully-functioning Sales Funnel Management module, business associations love these GrowthZone functions:



Track and manage certifications for continuing education opportunities for your members.

Project Management


Manage all projects from one location and track according to individual, organization, membership, and event.

Sales Funnel Module


Monetize and track sales opportunities such as memberships, sponsorships, and subscriptions; track by progress, probability, sales stage, and lead source.

What Is an Association Management System?

Many business associations are still using dated, chaotic methods in the back office. They’re managing:

  • Data with Excel spreadsheets
  • Events with free tools like Eventbrite
  • Emails with Mail Chimp or Constant Contact
  • Social media with Hootsuite
  • Billing with Quickbooks

All these separate tools result in loss of time and money that is better spent attracting new members and engaging existing members.

GrowthZone business management software for associations can act as a vital centralized hub for all your membership information, communication tools, and daily management functions. With our advanced integration, you can retain your favorite niche tools, but you can also enjoy access to built-in capabilities and a robust database that unifies all data in one place, so you can avoid inaccuracies, duplicate entries, and unnecessary confusion.

What is Association Management for Businesses?

Business association software serves the following functions:

Grow Business Association Membership

Develop a website packed with features, including event calendars, express signup forms, and dues payment modules to drive more prospective members to your association.

Manage Accounts

Define member type, contact information, and dues payment status. See memberships requiring approval waiting in the queue, handle renewals and expirations automatically, and create virtual member cards.

Manage Updated Directories

Update one record in your database and have the changes reflected in every entry, across platforms. Allow members access to a portal where they can update contact information to ensure accuracy.

Communicate With Ease

Use drag-and-drop templates to build marketing emails and newsletters as efficiently as the more expensive platforms. Automate correspondence, whether by email, text notification, web survey, or forum channel.

Organize Event Calendars

Define events by type, publish pricing details, track attendance, collect payment, print registration lists or name tags, answer questions, update capacity limits, and send informative email blasts or push notifications.

Engage Members

Serve your members with a mobile app, document library, committee portals, discussion forums, job boards, continuing education and certification courses, online training, and e-commerce platform.

Track Non-Member Correspondence

Organize non-member correspondence to the press, government officials, community partners, and prospective members. Categorize and track event registrations, donations, inquiries, and more.

Business Association Management with GrowthZone AMS

GrowthZone isn’t the only association management software for small business in town. However, we do offer several key benefits over the competition that have brought us five-star reviews.

  • Industry-Specific Module – Business associations use GrowthZone AMS to track and manage member certifications and continuing education credits; monetize sponsorships, memberships, and subscriptions; manage all projects by the individual, location, association, membership status, or event; and improve internal marketing, communication, and organization efforts.
  • Customer Service – Even without internal IT support, you’ll be able to get started with the GrowthZone platform. Customer service is in our DNA. You’ll receive a dedicated support team to guide you through the onboarding process whichever way you choose – whether in-person, virtual, on-demand, or by hotline. Someone is available to answer your call within two minutes.
  • Terms – Most SaaS providers require long contracts for one, two, or even three years. You can demo GrowthZone for free and cancel any time you’d like after you sign up. We’re confident you’ll love us.

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