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Case Study

Building Owners and Managers Association Orange County

“The time-saving aspects of GrowthZone are phenomenal, it’s really hard for me to put a number on the amount of hours we save, but it’s a lot.”

BOMA Orange County Executive Director, Martin McIntosh, talks about the efficiencies gained by switching to GrowthZone software.

Why were you looking for a new AMS?

We run an association of about 400 members and our old system did things adequately. I think the UI was probably everything that 1995 promised it could be. The only problem was that we were in 2022 at the time.

How was your onboarding experience? 

You guys were very specific about what you needed for me, what to expect from you, and how we were going to do this together. It wasn’t me sending off one email and you coming back with everything set up, but it also wasn’t me being thrown out to swim with the sharks. The onboarding process with the GrowthZone team was fantastic. The communication from everybody involved was perfect.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

My favorite feature of the platform is the ability to pull a member list with a couple of buttons. I know with membership software this should not be rocket science and all the reporting in GrowthZone is so straightforward.

How has GrowthZone made you more efficient?

The time-saving aspects of GrowthZone are just phenomenal. It’s really hard for me to put a number on the amount of hours that we save, but I will tell you it’s a lot. We do a ton of events and every step of the way is so much easier than our old system – it’s a fraction of the time. It just integrates straight into our website so we’re not having to do things twice. Then from there, we’ve got all of our communications built in so we can email straight from GrowthZone and we can send out marketing emails. All these built-in items and features just really save us a ton of time.

How are you seeing ROI with GrowthZone?

I will tell you that we are using our website more efficiently, getting more engagement with our members, and we’re not spending time entering an event two or three times into our website. Once again after I put it in GrowthZone, it’s done. I’ve said to many people that I love it because our members are engaging with the software and they’re taking care of a lot of maintenance on their accounts. It’s just saving us a ton of time in the office and where the kicker is- it’s cheaper than my old system!

Any words of advice for other BOMAs? 

So if I had a colleague who was telling me they were having a problem with their AMS system, I would definitely tell him to give the folks at GrowthZone a call. I really believe that the quality of service we receive for the product and at the price – you just can’t go wrong.

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