Success Story: Bi-National Membership

The business communities of Buffalo Niagara and Southern Ontario joined forces like never before. They developed a strategic agreement between the Buffalo Niagara Partnership organization with two Southern Ontario organizations: Hamilton Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce. The bi-national business agreement provides reciprocal memberships between the organizations. It has united the three business regions as one, nearly tripling the size of Buffalo Niagara’s reach to over 4,000 area companies and organizations.

As regional associate members of the Hamilton and Greater Niagara Chambers, Buffalo Niagara members have access to events, business networking, and cross-border news. These agreements allow them to collaborate with a broader network of business professionals across the border – all for no additional cost.

The agreement helps strengthen the regional economy by fostering American and Canadian business relationships despite uncertainty surrounding NAFTA.


Buffalo Niagara Partnership

Buffalo, NY
Large Chamber (1,000 or more members)

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