Case Study: Automotive Service Association – Arizona

Automotive Service Association – Arizona
Phoenix, AZ
Luz Rubio, Executive Director

The Automotive Service Association – Arizona (ASAAZ) was facing a change. Tasked with assuming member billing responsibilities from their national office, they were searching for a solution that allowed for efficient accounting. They also wanted to be able to reach out and increase interaction with local members and maintain a functional database, while decreasing their workload.

With one person running a 200 member association, it was key to find a member management software solution that was easy to learn. The Association Board wanted to ensure that the solution was REALLY going to help improve efficiency, offer more features than their current system, and not require an additional staff member to run it.

ASAAZ had been using MS Access but it wasn’t meeting their needs. They found it cumbersome to set up a billing system in the program. Quickbooks was recommended but it wasn’t going to give them tools they needed to communicate with their members.

They considered 2-3 other vendors, went through a couple of demos, and compared pricing and features. They also visited with some other regional directors around the country facing similar problems to find out what they were considering.

Quite simply, after implementing GrowthZone, the association staff can now accomplish more in less time. They like the ease and layout of the GrowthZone platform, particularly being able to quickly find information. The transition process was smooth. Working with the onboarding specialists was a positive experience–especially when they were explaining what to expect when performing certain functions. ASAAZ pointed out how patient and helpful GrowthZone was when answering their questions.

According to Rubio: “It’s easier than I thought it was going to be, after a year, things are still going well. As I continue to use GrowthZone, I keep learning new and different ways to accomplish tasks.”

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GrowthZone is a true partner to us, so we feel kind of like a family with them. We feel like they are truly and honestly invested in our success—which means that they are invested in the success of our businesses…and that is something that’s going to keep us with GrowthZone for a very long time.

Danah Abarr Photo
Danah Abarr
Executive Director - South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce

“I look forward to working with GrowthZone for years to come (never thought I would ever say that about an AMS).”

image of chris studebaker
Chris Studebaker
CEO, REALTOR® Association of the Fox Valley

“We are a small staff, and the GrowthZone platform allows us to do more in less time, so now we can exceed the expectations of our chapters and individual members.”

image of ASA logo
Matt Levine
Association Management Consultant, American Subcontractors Association

“GrowthZone customer service is excellent. They were with us every step during the transition to a new payment processing system.”

image of Angela Hubbard
Angela Hubbard
Executive Director, NARI Metro DC

It makes keeping track of our membership and events a breeze! Everything is posted in real time, and it’s so much easier than working from a spreadsheet! And it syncs with our website, giving users an easy way to find our members, events and job openings.

Tiffany Brightwell
Tiffany Brightwell
President - ABC (Associated Builders & Contractors) North Alabama Chapter
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