Case Study: Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS®

“Find out what a difference GrowthZone’s management software for real estate associations can make for your organization.”

Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS®
Bonita Springs, FL
Meighan Harris, Chief Executive Officer

The Client

With over 1,000 REALTOR® members and more than 160 members from affiliated industries, Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® is a thriving organization that prides itself on building strong professional business relationships.

Monthly events and a packed schedule of weekly education programs mean timely communication and accurate analytics are of the utmost importance. Without them, member satisfaction is very much at risk.

The Challenge

Among the challenges facing the Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® team of five was the lack of a streamlined Association Management System that would allow them to efficiently communicate with members using one singular platform.

With its outdated AMS, the team needed to use multiple programs such as Constant Contact for emails and Survey Monkey for member surveys. This required manual – and often redundant – data entry. And generating reports? That ended up being a cumbersome process requiring multiple clicks and resulting in great frustration.

We’ve seen great results with GrowthZone, and we’ve hardly scratched the surface of what this platform can do. I look forward to a long relationship with GrowthZone. They make it so easy.

The Solution

Seeking an easy and user-friendly solution, Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® found GrowthZone realtor management software. Not only did GrowthZone save the organization nearly $500 per month, it gave the team a robust platform that allowed a lot of the day-to-day operations to be automated, freeing up the staff for other things.

“GrowthZone automated our billing processing and allowed for easy tracking and analytics on our email blasts, registrations, and more,” said Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® CEO, Meighan Harris. “Everything is so intuitive.”

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An Easy Realtor Reporting Platform

Realtor associations like Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® have selected our user-friendly, all-in-one platform to automate billing, manage events, keep all their Realtor communication data in one place, scale correspondence through apps and text, design websites, explore new e-commerce and advertising opportunities, and grow their member organizations.

GrowthZone provides comprehensive onboarding support to ensure real estate clients get up and running as fast as possible and understand all they can do with our realtor reporting software.

There are onboarding options for every learning style and budget:

  • Get started with a 1:1 consultation, on-site training, regional classroom training, or four personal engagement sessions.
  • Call during weekday business hours for prompt support by phone or try the integrated help chat.
  • On-demand assistance is always available through video, webinars, Wiki, and step-by-step instructions.

Our platform combines various tools into one comprehensive, easy-to-learn solution, tailored specifically to Realtors. Integration with many of the marketing tools you’re already using is included already. For Realtors specifically, integration with the NRDS database, NAR e-commerce networks, MLS platforms, and lockboxes prove especially useful. While there is a small learning curve at the beginning, the saved time and increased efficiency are well worth the effort, according to real estate association professionals like Meighan Harris.

The Results

As with any new software migration, there were initial fears around data integrity and whether or not the platform would live up to expectations.

“Implementing new software can be intimidating,” said Harris. “But GrowthZone has been very responsive and provides amazing customer service. In fact, I felt comfortable enough to attend a conference out of the office during our onboarding because I knew we were in good hands.”

Since implementation, Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS® has seen greater efficiency and accuracy in its day-to-day operations. They have seen a smoother state and national split process with eCommerce payments along with a quick response from their NRDS integration when adding a new member.

In addition, member feedback has been positive. “Our members love the look and feel of everything,” added Harris. “They also love the app and how easy it is to register for events. Membership participation in our association has gone up considerably.”

According to CEO Meighan Harris, here are the top three benefits of GrowthZone:
    1. Reporting – “Generating reports is so easy. The Board of Directors loves it because they see everything at a glance with easy-to-read, visually enticing infographics.”
    2. Events Module – “Everything feeds to our website to give our members more content. It’s seamless, visual, and makes it easy to register.”
    1. Projects & Tasks – “I can assign tasks to the team with ease, and I get real-time updates. It really helps with accountability.”

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Case Study: Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS®

CEO, Meighan Harris, explains how GrowthZone Real Estate Edition adds value to Bonita Springs-Estero REALTORS®.

What prompted you to look for a new AMS?

I started looking into a new solution for an AMS because I realized that we were having a lot of pain points with our current AMS. For instance, billing was very cumbersome. It was a multi-step process that my staff accountant would forget to do as soon as billing came around. Pulling reports out of the system required a lot of crossing your t’s and dotting your i’s to get the information that she wanted out of the system. I just knew that as technology had progressed, there had to be a better solution on the market. I found that in GrowthZone. 

What were your objectives for a new AMS?

We had many strategic objectives when moving to a new AMS. When I would review our monthly credit card statements, I realized that I was spending a lot of money on different solutions and I wanted to combine all of those solutions into one tool. I was able to do that using GrowthZone. For instance, using the forms/surveys module and the push notifications, I was able to eliminate two other outside sources within my AMS. 

How was GrowthZone an improvement? 

GrowthZone made my old AMS look like a dinosaur working off of an old DOS system. The sleek design that GrowthZone offers, the very user-friendly atmosphere, and the functionality just put them light years ahead of what our old AMS was offering. 

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

When I was first shown GrowthZone’s platform in Austin, Texas at AEI a few years ago, I was really blown away by the sleek design and functionality that the software offered. I also loved all of the help modules that make training new employees and staff very easy. I love all the modules that the program offers. It includes everything I need to make us efficient and effective. 

How does GrowthZone provide value?

GrowthZone provides value in several ways. I definitely have an increase in my member engagement by using the Staff App: GrowthZone, and the Member App: Members Plus. I’ve also noticed an increase in efficiency from my staff by using the GrowthZone modules that are offered. 

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