What Real Estate Association Users Say About GrowthZone Software

“GrowthZone was a solution we could use all day long, which is what we were looking for. For any association, if you’re looking for a change, you should check out GrowthZone. It’s made a huge difference in our association life.”

Sandy Carroll, Chief Executive Officer
Berkshire County Board of REALTORS®
Pittsfield, MA

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More Reasons Why Our Customers Love Us

Member Engagement

“GrowthZone has improved our membership in numbers by making the membership process simple. The registration and calendar we are able to share with our members has been valuable and streamlined plenty of the education and event processes.”

Crystal Montano
Greater McAllen Association of REALTORS®

Event Management

“Growth Zone has streamlined event planning. One-stop for sign ups, billing, sponsorships, website link, and even name badges. The time saved trying to maintain organization without GrowthZone has been invaluable. Growth Zone has made our small association look so much more professional; something that would have been totally out of reach for an organization of our size previously.”

Emily Bowden
Executive Officer
Sussex County Association of REALTORS®

Streamlined Processes

“There are much better uses of time for staff to address membership issues other than repetitively answering questions or taking registration information for events. I am relieved to have so much of our event management automated at last!”

Denise Schultz
Lakes Area REALTORS® Association

Improved Member Value

“After moving to GrowthZone our association was able to provide online applications for the first time. Even with the complex level of memberships that we offer, we have been able to streamline our processes, save money, and boosted member value.”

Peter Johnston
Chief Operating Officer
Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association

GrowthZone serves 250 real estate associations across North America.

GrowthZone Real Estate Association Software Users

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What Real Estate Association Users Say About GrowthZone Software

We asked our customers what they liked best about GrowthZone Real Estate Edition.

Paul Brown from Central Illinois Board of REALTORS® says, “Our association has recognized some of the benefits and cost savings from a financial standpoint with GrowthZone. The primary one is GrowthZone’s ability to use the National Association REALTORS®’ credit card processing system for dues and service payments. That has saved us a tremendous amount of money on credit card processing fees.”

Sandy Carroll from the Berkshire County Board of REALTORS® says, “We have been able to really expand our fundraising efforts through GrowthZone, our website and social media. Last year alone we raised $40,000 in our GrowthZone fundraising. We definitely see a revenue impact.”

Chris A. Studebaker from REALTOR® Association of the Fox Valley remarks, “GrowthZone had solutions to everything that we were looking for as a staff and organization. My team loves the intuitiveness of running their own reports. The customer service, training, billing, and onboarding components were wonderful.”

Jonathan Griggs from the Colorado Association of REALTORS® says, “The ease of being able to navigate through the database was number one because first and foremost, even though we are here to have something that benefits what we do for our members, I need to make sure our staff can navigate through the system.”

Sandy Carroll adds, “We did look at several other options. We ended up choosing GrowthZone because first, it had amazing feedback from people who were already in our industry and using it. But, it also seemed so simple to use and it seemed like a solution that we could use all day long, which is what we were looking for.”

Chris A. Studebaker remarks, “If we didn’t know how to do something, the staff at GrowthZone would create a video for us that we could reference and go back to.”

Jonathan Griggs says, “There are a number of different AMS’ out there. After I spent a year and a half of digging, I can tell with all certainty, GrowthZone checks all the boxes.” 

Lastly, Sandy Carroll recommends, “For any association, if you are looking for a change, you really should check out GrowthZone. It’s made a huge difference in our association life.”

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