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Case Study

Arkansas Medical Society

“I love how the Event Module keeps all our registrations, payments, and communication in one centralized location that all our staff can access.”

Membership & Communications Specialist Laura Haywood talks about how GrowthZone has contributed to the growth of the Arkansas Medical Society.

Why were you looking for a new AMS?

We had a very old, unsupported database that was custom designed for us about 40 years ago. It was very cumbersome, it was time-consuming for our staff to use, and it didn’t easily work with other programs that we use for reporting, communications, and events. So, after doing a lot of research over a couple of years, we decided that GrowthZone best fit our needs to help us grow as an organization and in return, help our members.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

We love that all of our data is in one place and that it’s accessible through the cloud. If we are at an event or at home, our staff can quickly look up information. I also love that the event module keeps all of our event registration, payments, and communication in one centralized location that all of our staff can access. I’ve recently started using the project management and marketing automation tools. We will be creating processes for new member orientation, prospective member outreach, and event plans through these modules.

Any words of advice for other medical associations?

For other associations, especially medical associations, looking to change platforms, I would recommend making a list of your needs and your wants. When you do, you’ll find that GrowthZone checks a majority of your boxes at a price you can afford. GrowthZone also listens to all your concerns and really tries to help find a solution to whatever problem you are facing.

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