About Us

Community Matters

We believe associations are a lifeline that helps communities and industries thrive. This is why we put our energy into providing the must-have technology engine that drives associations to be relevant and industry/community-changing.
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Our mission is to help you and your organization:

  1. Grow your membership faster with smarter Association Management Software.
  2. Keep your members engaged. Keep your members longer.
  3. Do more in less time.

Who We Are

Our first commercial product, ChamberMaster, was developed exclusively for chambers of commerce and was released in 2004 as the first affordable SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. And due to popular demand from trade and industry associations, the company subsequently developed MemberZone and then GrowthZone specifically for the association market.

In 2023, GrowthZone expanded its product library by adding the MemberSuite software platform to help mid- and upper-level associations manage, engage, and grow their membership.

Our customers’ organizations range in size from 30 to more than 50,000 members, and consistently rate our technical support and customer service as the best in the industry.

We are headquartered in Nisswa, Minnesota, USA – a town noted for its scenic beauty, resorts, golf courses, and lakes. As chambers and associations are integral to the business health of any community, this was the perfect location to develop smarter software for associations.

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