Membership Management Software

Membership ManagementDo more with the best membership management software for associations.
With the Memberships module, you can manage a variety of member structures—whether individual or organization-owned, or a combo of both—right from the contact profile.

Membershp Package Examples

Customize Your Membership Structure

With GrowthZone association software you’ll have easy-to-use membership management tools at your fingertips – literally.

The member management software module allows you to define membership packages in a variety of ways, including by:

  • Membership types, broken down by levels
  • Business and individual memberships, or combinations of both
  • A variety of pricing structures to meet your organization’s needs

You can also set up your members dashboard with access levels by membership type, promote membership level-pricing for events, and more.

Membership Application Software

Grow Your Membership with Online Applications

Make it easy for prospective members to submit an online application form.

  • Create customized online membership application forms that display only the fields, options, and questions that meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • View, approve, or decline membership applications, or set membership applications to be approved automatically.

All of the contact information submitted is conveniently saved on the contact’s profile within your GrowthZone association software.

Example Membership Directory

Member Directories

A listing in your online or printed membership directory is a key benefit you can offer to members.

  • Provide members additional visibility to the public, their industry colleagues, and other members.
  • Organize your members into customizable categories to make it easy for people to find them.
  • Create multiple directories.
  • Generate non-dues revenue by offering various directory listing packages.

Identify and Manage Unpaid Membership Dues

Review all overdue membership invoices from within the Memberships module.

  • Add late fees to overdue member invoices
  • Add reactivation fees to overdue member invoices
  • Print unpaid invoices
  • Drop overdue members
  • Reactivate memberships

Are you ready to see how smarter member management software will automate processes?

Our membership software brings all these separate tools under one intuitive dashboard that does it all while eliminating the most time-consuming tasks. In the past, associations juggled multiple marketing platforms, Excel spreadsheets, and billing software to carry out their daily operations. Work was completed manually, and processes weren’t always efficient.

What is Member Management Software?

The best membership management software empowers business, trade, and professional associations, and chambers of commerce with the tools they need to grow membership, engage and retain members, and do more in less time.

What to Consider when Choosing a Membership Management Platform?

There are several membership management software vendors to choose from. However, each association management software solution on the market is unique. It’s important to research your options, costs, and deliverables to determine which solution is best for your association’s specific needs.

  • Ask around. Get referrals and input from other associations like yours.
  • Ask what system they use, what they like, and what features are lacking.
  • Research if the vendor is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Find out how long the company has been in the business of providing membership management solutions to associations.
  • Verify how frequently the product has been updated in the last 12 months (monthly is ideal).
  • Ask how many customers the vendor currently serves (free trial users shouldn’t be counted as customers).
  • Ask about contract terms.
  • Narrow your selection to 3-4 vendors to further research.

How can our Membership Platform help Engage and Manage your Members?

GrowthZone features a comprehensive suite of helpful tools for membership organizations, including marketing automation, a member center, billing & payment processing, certification tracking, mobile apps, and more.

Why is our Membership Software a Perfect Solution?

GrowthZone is a comprehensive Membership Management System with built-in payment processing, e-commerce, fundraising, marketing automation, member prospecting, and more. Visit our customer case studies and pricing pages to learn more.

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