Association Member Directory Listings


A Strategic Source for Non-Dues Revenue

Generate non-dues revenue when you offer members upgraded listings within your association’s membership Directory.

Here’s How:

You can set up multiple membership directory listings levels based on membership type or charge a premium for upgraded listings.

For Example:

A standard listing could include a member’s business name, logo, and basic contact information.

An upgraded listing could also include:

    • Photo Galleries
    • Videos
    • Search Description
    • Maps
    • Company Contacts
    • Membership Type
    • Coupons
    • Job Openings

Upgraded listings can also be ranked, so they show up first in your membership directory.

More Options:

  • With GrowthZone membership software, it’s easy to set up an additional directory and charge a premium to be in it (e.g., a women-owned business directory or a premiere member directory).
  • Selling banner ads within a membership directory is another way to generate non-dues revenue and promote your members.
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