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GrowthZone Pay

Process one-time and automatic credit card, debit card, and US bank account payments with GrowthZone Pay.

A payment solution designed for associations

Make managing your association's finances simpler and more efficient with GrowthZone Pay, our integrated payment processing solution.

Whether you're a chamber of commerce or an association, GrowthZone Pay is designed for membership-based organizations and offers a host of benefits to optimize your payment workflows and improve member satisfaction.

Discover why GrowthZone Pay is the smarter choice for payment processing.


Seamless membership fee collection

Perpetually collect membership fees without end dates, just like health clubs do with monthly dues. With GrowthZone Pay, you can automate membership fee collections on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, removing the hassle of annual renewal decisions and reducing the time spent chasing down payments.


Save time and money

Automating payment processes with GrowthZone Pay saves your staff valuable time, allowing them to focus on more strategic tasks. Plus, with no need for manual payment processing, you'll reduce the risk of errors and associated costs. You can learn more about advantages of digital payments here.


Better organizational planning and forecasting

With predictable cash flow and revenue streams facilitated by GrowthZone Pay, your association can engage in better organizational planning and forecasting. Know exactly when funds will be available and plan your activities accordingly, ensuring financial stability and growth.


Save money with one simple rate

Say goodbye to setup fees, gateway fees, batch fees, and statement fees! With GrowthZone Pay, you'll enjoy a straightforward pricing structure, helping you save money and streamline your financial operations.

A Smarter Choice

GrowthZone Pay has all-inclusive pricing compared to other payment solutions currently available. Here are a few examples of non-transaction fees charged by other providers.

GrowthZone Pay
Typical Fees
(the other guys)
PCI Non-compliance charge
Member payment information storage
Mobile device payments
Batch fees
$0.10/Daily + $3/mo
Termination fees
Gateway and processor fees

Don’t believe us? Hear from our customers.

We have enabled thousands of chambers of commerce and associations to streamline their payments collection with GrowthZone Pay. Hear firsthand accounts of how GrowthZone Pay has transformed their payment processing experience, saving them time, reducing administrative burdens, and improving member satisfaction.

Dive into these testimonials to discover the tangible benefits and success stories of partnering with GrowthZone Pay for smarter payment processing.

“you click two buttons and there is a full report of all transactions in a given month!”
-Allyson Tonozzi, Executive Director at Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce.
“It frees me up to do a lot more things that are improvements to our conferences and events rather than spending all my time on manual processing.”
-Amada Webb, Member services and Operations Specialist, South West Transit Association.
“We always like easier; easier and cheaper is great!”
-Liz Campbell, Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association
“Having GrowthZone pay streamlines our whole payment process. When members pay their invoices it shows up directly in the system.”
-Katherine Lafourcade, Executive Director, French-American Chamber of Commerce

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What makes GrowthZone Pay best suited for associations?
    A: With features like Autopay and Saved Payer Profiles, GrowthZone Pay prioritizes the member experience. Members can enjoy the convenience of seamless payments and secure management of their payment information, and associations can enjoy the convenience or recurring payments and have payment information available in GrowthZone.
  • Q: How long does it take to implement GrowthZone Pay with my Association
    A: Implementing GrowthZone pay only takes a matter of minutes, however we do encourage your team to attend a training session which lasts about an hour.
  • Q: What payment types are accepted by GrowthZone Pay?
    A: GrowthZone Pay can accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH, and digital wallets, such as Apple and Google Pay.
  • Q: My Organization uses cash and checks to collect membership fees and for fundraising. Why should I switch to digital payments?
    A: Although it may seem like traditional forms of payments do not have any inherent fees; counting, depositing, posting and collecting 'paper' payments is more labor intensive. Transactions must be manually recorded leading to decreased efficiency. With digital payments all that is taken care of, with a more secure, accessible and automated form of payment. Click here to learn more about the hidden costs of traditional payments.
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