Integrated Payment Processing

Process one-time and automatic credit card, debit card, and US bank account payments with GrowthZone Pay.

Perpetually Collect Membership Fees with NO End Date

Health clubs charge monthly membership fees and no one thinks twice. So why don’t associations and chambers of commerce?

You can with GrowthZone Pay.

  • Automatically charge membership fees each month, quarter, or year
  • Remove your members’ annual membership-renewal decision
  • Eliminate hours spent chasing down renewals
  • Efficiently transition your members to autopay

Save Money: Pay one simple rate. There are NO setup, gateway, batch, or statement fees!


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Smarter Payment Processing Benefits Your Association

Automatically charge monthly membership dues on an ongoing basis

More predictable cash flow and better business planning

No need to mail invoices, process individual payments, and cash checks

Integrated into the software, so it’s quick to set up and use

Members love the convenience of paying online and at events

Process one-time and automatic credit card, debit card, and US bank account payments


The transition to GrowthZone Pay is seamless and easy.


Expanded Payment Options Benefit Your Members

Pay online for events, classes, merchandise, online applications, and dues

Set up recurring charges to ensure membership dues never lapse

Securely store payment information to pay for events or pay invoices quickly

Save money and maintain a good credit score

Spread out payments for big-ticket items

Confirm account balances more easily than with checks or unintegrated payment processors

No paper invoices or receipts save trees



GrowthZone Pay saves an enormous amount of labor with its automated systems.


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Additional Benefits of Integrated Payment Processing

Payment processing for associations is a popular feature of GrowthZone AMS, allowing easy payment processing directly within the membership management software. Association staff save valuable time and effort by automating previously manual processes and capturing completed payments directly into membership profiles.

Clients choose GrowthZone Pay to help achieve the following objectives:

Modernization: In today’s world, automatic payment processing is expected. Allow your members to instantly pay for events, dues, and other items with a few clicks.

Simplification: Access billing data with one password, one portal, and one customer service point of contact.

Retain Members: Member retention just got easier, now that they can conveniently elect to automate their recurring payments, so they never miss a deadline.

Process Cashless Payments: With integrated billing, you can process card payments, run single direct charges, process real-time statements, gather bank deposit and transfer reports, and automate invoicing.

Accept Payments On-the-Go: GrowthZone Pay’s mobile card reader lets you accept payments at events with no hassle. Simply scan with any mobile device and send an automated receipt via email.

Reduce Paperwork: GrowthZone Pay payment processing is PCI Compliant. That means there’s no need to fill out the 20-40 page compliance packet with fees every year.

Increase Security: Safely store payment information for convenient retrieval. GrowthZone Pay uses Stripe for credit card processing, so card data is not stored in your database. All transactions are Secure Socket Layer protected, PCI Service Provider Level 1 compliant, and fully encrypted.

Save Time: Bank, credit, and debit accounts are charged and deposited to your bank account immediately. You’ll not only save time but receive payments faster than ever! Think of how many hours staff members will save without having to call delinquent members, match payments to invoices, or manually enter card data.

Save Money: Best of all, you pay one simple rate. There are NO setup, gateway, batch, or statement fees.

Reduce Errors: There is no more manual credit card payment/invoice matching required on your end. Payments are automatically linked with the correct invoices and confirmation emails sent.

Simplify Processes: With GrowthZone’s fast and reliable QuickBooks Online integration, transactions (invoices, payments, credits, etc.) are captured in your GrowthZone software, then transferred into QuickBooks Online.

Streamline Operations: Forego the renewal process by allowing membership applicants to set up autopay. Then just set up charge notifications for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual dues collection on a specific day.


GrowthZone Pay helps save time, money, and streamline processes.


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