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Construction Association Software

From increasing membership to increasing non-dues revenue, GrowthZone’s easy-to-use construction association management software will help you manage sponsorships, streamline events, and automate billing and communications.

Best of all, GrowthZone saves time by tracking spike credits and auto-synchronizing with a variety of data management tools including the NAHB WMS system and DuesHub.

Benefit: Increased Member Value.

Benefit: Return on Investment.

See how GrowthZone has helped other construction and trade associations:

More Members and More Engagement with GrowthZone

Construction and trade associations love these GrowthZone functions:

Project Management


Identify errors and missing information before uploading data to the NAHB; the entire process only takes minutes.

Contact Data Management CRM Module for Real Estate Associations image


Easily view and manage all of the members, individuals, and organizations in your database, including billing information, communications, and more.

Mobile Staff App for Real Estate Associations image


Access GrowthZone AMS on the go; scan business cards to load contact data, view notes, register and check in event attendees, and process event payments – all from your mobile device. There’s also an app for your members. Learn more »

Association Events software image


Proactively create events and manage event registrants. Includes Zoom and GoToWebinar integration for online meetings. Learn more »

Committees association software module image


Conveniently group your contacts into lists or committees for mass emails.



Process one-time and recurring payments with integrated payments and credit card processing. Watch Video »


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Construction association software enables associations to spend less time managing data
and marketing and more time growing membership and making connections.

What Is Construction Association Software?

Our software is the answer to the hassle of juggling multiple Excel spreadsheets, member databases, accounting software, and disparate marketing tools. Software designed for association professionals puts all the information you need at your fingertips in one, easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Manage contacts – Quickly reference membership status, training credentials, billing and contact information, and communication history.
  • Go mobile – Scan business cards to load contact data, view notes, process payments, and communicate on the go from a mobile device app.
  • Manage events – Check registration, check-in event attendees, process payments, send out marketing materials, and create an event website. Integrate with Zoom and GoTo Webinar for virtual events.
  • Communicate better – Efficiently write emails with our templates, then schedule, send, and track them. Allow member discussions in group forums. Send text notifications. Add members to a list or committees for mass email blasts. Easily create, send, and track surveys.
  • Billing support – Process one-time and recurring payments with integrated payments and credit card processing. Add an online store for selling merchandise to increase revenue.

The software covers all an association’s basic needs, but a variety of productivity module add-ons can help leverage the platform to its full advantage.

Maybe you’d like a place to organize vendors and exhibitors at your next event. Or perhaps you need to manage chapters, conduct fundraising, upload member resources into an accessible database, or manage continuing education certifications.

All of these tasks are as easy and automated as possible when you have the right software built just for you.


Why Is Construction Management Software Important?

The top reasons construction associations choose to implement a centralized hub are:

  • To grow membership faster and smarter – Automated forms, payment processing, and communications will ensure no opportunity is missed. Our resources make it almost effortless to conduct best practice membership sales activities.
  • To keep members engaged – Consistent communication and 24/7 accessibility keep members engaged in the association’s benefits.
  • To do more in less time – Templates, seamless data organization, and automation mechanisms directly free up your time, reduce errors, delegate tasks, and update multiple files instantaneously. Competing priorities and understaffing can be a challenge for builder associations, but our software helps you sort out your day-to-day duties and cut out steps from everyday processes.
  • To bring in revenue – In addition to increasing HBA memberships, we help you set up e-commerce and event portals to bring in more non-dues revenue.
  • To fulfill core missions – If lobbying is one of your core activities, finally you have a way of tracking each priority, communicate updates to members, and delegate tasks.
  • To market smarter – Social media, text campaigns, and PR are easily addressed with sales and marketing modules.

Builders Association Management with GrowthZone

GrowthZone’s vision is to empower associations to operate more efficiently:

  • Segmenting prospects and using automated drip campaigns and reminder tasks to win members.
  • Simplifying membership applications, before prospects navigate away.
  • Segmenting members and providing personalized bundles and/or membership tiers that match a defined set of needs.
  • Remembering leads and members using cookies so users needn’t fill out redundant information.
  • Upselling and cross-selling based on upcoming events, browsing history, or past purchases.
  • Tracking abandoned sign-ups or dropped members and re-marketing to them.
  • Auto-renewing on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to alleviate decision friction.
  • Using mobile app and push notifications to increase the sense of community and retention.
  • Leveraging integrated community elements to provide networking opportunities and value.

GrowthZone isn’t the only building association software on the market, but here’s why we might be the best for you:

  • We cater to you. Unlike other all-in-one software programs, GrowthZone was built with building associations in mind and we cater to 200 builder associations.
  • We’re reputable. Over 3,600 organizations use GrowthZone products.
  • You can customize your software. With a comprehensive suite of performance modules, you can customize the software for your organization’s particular needs and cut out the clutter.
  • We offer integrations. Continue using the software you love like Constant Contact or Zoom.
  • Customer service is top-notch. We’re available to you 5 days/week in our US-based call center and have a 24/7 emergency line. A dedicated project manager will aid your onboarding over the phone or virtually.

Contact GrowthZone to learn more about the benefits of our construction association management software.

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