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Medical and Healthcare Association Software

With an ever-growing concern about privacy among healthcare and medical professionals, medical associations can help their members maintain confidentiality while collaborating. In addition, medical associations must provide cutting-edge resources to their members to drive membership engagement.


Medical association management software is the next frontier for organizational excellence. Healthcare and medical associations use GrowthZone AMS to help their members collaborate and access members-only information and resources.


Improve operations with software designed for medical associations.

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Track and manage certifications for continuing education opportunities for your members. Learn more »

Project Management



Give your members easy access to resources and benefits via the InfoHub, an online password-protected community. Learn more »

Integrated billing and autopay


Process one-time and recurring payments with integrated payments and credit card processing. Learn more »

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What Is Medical Association Management Software?

With our medical association management system, you can:

  • Manage your medical association website with little to no tech or coding experience.
  • Manage and promote events with online registration, attendance tracking, and email/text updates.
  • Process payments for membership dues renewals, event registrations, ecommerce, and education.
  • Communicate with members through drag-and-drop newsletters, emails, and web portals.
  • Allow member login to access exclusive resources, account information, and internal correspondence.

Healthcare association software integrates with all your favorite tools, while providing new ones. From one main dashboard, you’ll have access to your:

  • Online contact database
  • Member directory
  • Communication systems
  • Calendar
  • Billing and payment system
  • Event tracking platform
  • Ecommerce store
  • Mobile app
  • and more!

Through this robust AMS platform, many day-to-day administrative tasks can be eliminated or automated.  

Why Is An Association Platform Important?

Processing applications, enrollment forms, and manual payments is a major time drain for medical association managers. Time is a precious resource that can be best spent improving services and growing the organization. What would you give for 20-40 extra hours in a week? Many medical associations have adopted specialized digital tools – Constant Contact to send email, DuesPayment to accept online payments, or HootSuite for social media scheduling. Yet, these tools all operate in separate silos, so association managers still expend considerable time juggling between all the different systems. They’re still sorting through paper applications, filling out spreadsheets, dealing with payments, and using valuable time updating files manually. Our system alleviates much of the grunt work. Members can update their own files and it replicates across multiple databases. Key event statistics are tracked and recorded in insightful reports. Invoicing, online payment processing, receipts, and email reminders become fully automated.  

Manage Your Association with GrowthZone

Managing medical association members find tremendous benefits in working with GrowthZone. Not only will you find a user-friendly interface with GrowthZone, but you’ll appreciate professional onboarding, training, and support. Free options include webinars, instruction manuals, step-by-step wikis, and 1:1 consultations. Advanced options include on-site training, regional classroom training, and 1:1 engagement sessions. We’re accessible by chat, email, and phone Monday – Friday, 8-5 CT, with after-hours emergency support.

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