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Case Study

Association of Educational Service Agencies

“GrowthZone fit our budget, it fit our needs, it just felt comfortable. It was love at first sight!”

Ann Fiene of the Association of Educational Service Agencies talks about the time savings and cost savings of using GrowthZone association management software.

Why were you looking for an AMS?

Since I started about 5 years ago, our systems have been clunky. To keep our membership data up to date, I had about six different spreadsheets I had to go to. It just felt like everything I needed to do required more steps than was really necessary. I was spending a lot of my time going from step to step.

Why did you choose GrowthZone?

The number one reason was it felt like it fit us, and the price range was amazing. It fit our budget and our needs, so it just felt comfortable. It was kind of a love at first sight.

How does GrowthZone save you money?

We compared all of these different systems that we had. We had a website, a registration system, and a communications platform. We looked at all these and we figured we were going to save a lot of money by using one solution.

How does GrowthZone save you time?

When there’s a change in an organization, for example, someone leaves, someone joins, or someone is hired, I go to one spot and update it. That’s huge for me. The other thing is the registration system. The nice thing about it is you can communicate through GrowthZone with the people who are registered for an event. I don’t have to download a spreadsheet with all their email addresses and then upload it. I can just hit a button and send my email to the people who have registered. Then, I can hit another button if I need to send a reminder and it will only be sent to the people who haven’t opened that email.

How was your onboarding experience?

We had a fabulous onboarding experience. We worked with Dan and he held our hand through the whole process. He was great. He knew everything and if he didn’t know, we got an answer really quickly after our online meeting. Dan was always great about sending follow-up emails with what we were going to do next time. He would send us video tutorials and written instructions. That helped a lot too, we were prepared. But also, you have to commit the time to do it. It’s going to pay off in the end.

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