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Case Study

Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association

“You’re getting more for your money and it’s not a dinosaur platform… It is extremely user-friendly.”

Liz Campbell, from the Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association, discusses increased member value by switching to GrowthZone.

What brought you to GrowthZone?

Early last year, we needed to have a one-stop shop. Number one, I needed to have a CRM. I needed a comprehensive space for our membership and the communication aspect.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

The events. The events have been beautiful. It’s very easy, even with the new look on the website, to set up an event and for our members to RSVP. One of the biggest functions that our membership wanted was the ability to log into our website and look at all the events. They wanted to be able to RSVP and put that on their calendar. Our attendance has been consistent and high for all of our events since moving to GrowthZone.

What feedback have you heard from members?

They love the events, the portal with the membership directory, the news, and just the ease of everything being on our website.

Any thoughts for someone considering switching to GrowthZone?

You’re getting more for your money and it’s not a dinosaur platform. That is the biggest thing. It is extremely user-friendly. What we were using was very antiquated and I was like “this is killing me, you know?”

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