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Case Study

Berkshire County Board of REALTORS

“We have integrated all of our fundraising into GrowthZone… last year alone we raised $40,000. So, yes, we definitely see a revenue impact.”

Berkshire County Board of Realtors® CEO, Sandy Carroll, talks about why they chose GrowthZone Real Estate Edition software and the ROI of increased productivity.

A trusted, simple solution for Real Estate Associations.

“We did look at several other options. We ended up choosing GrowthZone really because number one, it had amazing feedback from people who were already in our industry and using it. Also, it just seemed so simple to use and like a solution that we could use all day long, which is what we were looking for.”

Integrated fundraising in GrowthZone generated $40,000 in revenue.

“We’re able to grow revenue with GrowthZone in a couple of different ways. We onboard a lot of new members and it becomes very easy for us to get local-only membership [with GrowthZone] which is something that we’ve been trying to build for years. We also have integrated all of our fundraising into GrowthZone, and that goes out to consumers and members. We’ve been able to really expand our fundraising efforts through GrowthZone. Through our website and sharing our links on social media, last year alone we raised $40,000 in our GrowthZone fundraising. So, yes, we definitely see a revenue impact.”

Saved staff time with automated emails to REALTOR® association members.

“As far as ROI, our staff time has been considerably reduced in doing a lot of the marketing of events. It’s also been reduced in much of the member communication because it’s all automated now. We know that a series of emails, for instance, will go out when somebody is new that the staff never even has to worry about anymore. We actually saved quite a bit of staff time and have been able to utilize staff time in far different ways, which is pretty amazing for an association our size.”

Specific to REALTORS, what do you like about GrowthZone?

“As a REALTOR association, we have a staff of 3 and we engage with our members everyday, oftentimes through emails and phone calls. For us, it was a great solution to constantly track and know what the other staff people were doing, and to look back at any member record and see that history. It was something that was able to integrate into our daily life as a solution to all of our problems and not a huge hurdle.”

Comprehensive member profile, including MLS access, in one platform.

“There are many things that we love about GrowthZone. I think my favorite is that it’s so easy to understand. You can actually look at it quickly and get the job done. There’s every part of the members’ life all in one place: their education, committee service, contact records, and MLS access. It’s really amazing and the integration with M1 has been really good for us.”

What would you say to other real estate associations looking to make a change with their AMS?

“For any association, especially a smaller association that does high-value services, if you’re looking for a change you really should check out GrowthZone, it’s made a huge difference for our staff and agents.”

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