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Case Study

Carteret County Association of REALTORS

“Our main reason for switching solutions was] we were looking for an easier billing system… GrowthZone offers hands-free billing and is user-friendly for my staff…the auto-pay feature is magical.”

Carteret County Association of REALTORS® Executive Officer, Sheree Higgins, talks about why they switched to GrowthZone and how easy it is to use.

Why were you looking to switch from RAMCO to a new AMS?

We have been using GrowthZone since January. Prior to that we were using RAMCO. We were using that for about five years. We were looking for something that’s easier and more hands-free for us with billing. That was our main goal in switching. Also, something user-friendly for my staff.

How was your onboarding experience?

GrowthZone really stepped in and got us on track. They got our account set up properly and then we were ready to go. I was able to hire a part-time person because when my prior person left, I took over the billing. I really realized how simple it was to do billing in GrowthZone.  Not only that, a lot of my members use the autopay feature and that’s magical. Now, I just put a date in and it’s done. I don’t even have to think about it.

What else do you love about GrowthZone?

One of my favorite features is the integration with the website. It saves us time. I’m the one that puts in all the events and education classes in our system. This saves time where I do not have to go to a website and enter the same data

What about ROI?

Saving time is our biggest ROI right now. I have saved at least 40% of time with the billing since we moved over to GrowthZone. I’m sure it will be even more once we get more in-depth with the billing and get more acclimated to it.

Is GrowthZone easy to use?

The ease of moving around the program is nice. It’s very understandable. If you want billing, you know to go there to look for payments. If you want a profile, you know what memberships are there. It’s that ease. When you have that member on the phone and they’re asking questions, you want to say, “Hi, I can see your payment made here on this date.” That helps to ease that member login and save time as well.

Are you happy with the ongoing support you receive?

The support at GrowthZone has been fabulous. We’ve talked with some really knowledgeable people at GrowthZone who understand the Real Estate side of it. This is really nice because we do integrate with the NAR and M1 system. That requires a lot of changing and crossover paths. It’s good to have someone on the other side understand that.

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