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Case Study

Employers’ Risk Management Association

“Our biggest efficiency with using GrowthZone is billing, having scheduled billing that runs automatically has been super beneficial.”

Ryne Stegura of Employers’ Risk Management Association discusses ROI and the efficiencies gained by switching to GrowthZone AMS.

Why were you looking for an AMS?

Previously our software was a proprietary CRM built by a programmer and it just never functioned the way we wanted it to. We had a very difficult time.

How does GrowthZone make you more efficient?

I can tell you the biggest efficiency that we have had adding GrowthZone is the ability to use it for billing. Our scheduled billing is completely automated as of this last month. It just runs automatically to invoice our clients and they have the ability to pay right through GZ pay. It is super beneficial on the efficiency side.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

One feature that I really like about GrowthZone is that every client has a “more info” section where we’ve been able to take notes on any interaction that we have. Being able to have those quick notes about clients that may have particular issues has been amazing for us as a growing company.

What about ROI?

Some of the ROI that we have seen is again in the efficiency of accounting. Running all our billing through GrowthZone has been great. We can pull the reports just to have our books updated. We’ve seen a lot more member engagement now that we are able to host webinars. We are able to watch how many attendees we are getting and are seeing a great increase in the number of attendees for those webinars. Another ROI that we’ve really seen is efficiency for our employees with the client database. It’s very detailed and has a very robust search function.

How was your onboarding experience?

Onboarding is always a long process, and you get nervous because you are kind of going into the unknown. But GrowthZone really did a good job of holding our hands through that and made it pretty painless. The ability to upload everything and view it as we went was very structured.

We knew every week who to bring to our meetings, whether it was different teams in finance or our staff handling customer outreach.

Tell us about ongoing support after onboarding.

Onboarding was absolutely fantastic, but GrowthZone alone is so robust that questions have come up. One part of the support that I absolutely love is that we’ve been able to reach out via email or phone and get very quick responses to our questions. It’s very nice to have software that has been around for a while. There is a search function in GrowthZone that has been spot-on for answering any of our questions. Every business has different needs so it’s really nice to have that as a resource since we can’t hit every topic going through onboarding.

Any advice for other associations looking at GrowthZone?

I would say go for it. For us, the minimal cost for the actual software as opposed to what we had our employees using previously has just been a tremendous help and the organization we have now is fantastic.

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