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Case Study

Mayfield Graves County Board of REALTORS

“My onboarder’s name was Erica…I can’t speak highly enough about her and my experience with onboarding.”

Mayfield Graves County Board of REALTORS® Association Executive, Jensey Blackwood, talks about the efficiencies of GrowthZone software and the positive onboarding process.

How does GrowthZone save you time?

It’s taken a lot off of my plate with general office work. That will allow me to do more of the advocacy and other things that the REALTOR Associations really want us to work on.

How does GrowthZone make billing more efficient?

I just did my billing yesterday for our fourth quarter MLS and it took me 5 minutes. I went into GrowthZone, it said send billing, I added something into the email, and it sent. That saved me hours of work. Then, I can make sure that everybody got it and opened it. I can email the broker straight from my Communication tab and say, “Hey, I emailed billing today. Please check with your agents and make sure they get it in.” Now, several of them have a card saved so anytime I send out billing, it automatically goes on their card. They love that.

Has GrowthZone helped you better engage with members?

Everyone loves the billing because they’re able to login and see what their invoice is and pay it right then. With our newsletter, I’ve heard so many people say, “I actually know what’s going on now. I read [the newsletter] every week.”

Is GrowthZone easy to use?

It’s completely easy. It’s easier to use than QuickBooks software and I’ve worked with that for years. I am happy with everything. Getting through tasks, it’s very easy to manipulate your things. I use the newsletter module and now I am able to create newsletters. I don’t have an extensive background in graphic design, so I think it’s very easy to use the software

How was the onboarding process?

My onboarding person was Erica and she and I just really clicked from the beginning. It was easy to talk to her and ask questions that I had. I can’t speak highly enough about her and my experience.

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