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Case Study

Michigan Manufacturers Association

“From an ROI perspective, we’re probably saving about 65% overall in just the cost of doing business with GrowthZone.”

Dane Cooke of the Michigan Manufacturers Association talks about how GrowthZone compares to their previous AMS.

What are the cost savings and ROI?

From an ROI perspective, we’re probably saving about 65% overall in the cost of doing business with GrowthZone. There’s a lot of details behind that from bank charges and credit card fees associated with using another AMS, but the efficiency that we’ve gained by using GrowthZone has been really apparent too. If I were to put a number on it, I would say 35% increased efficiency, just in our staff time using the software, but also the improvements to cash-flow. Because the integration was so much easier with our website than other AMS solutions, we have credit card payments coming in much more frequently because it’s just easier to use for our members and staff.

What do you like best about GrowthZone?

We like GrowthZone because everything is a little more intuitive than what we found in other solutions. By that I mean the simple search functionality is clear and obvious, and things are in the places that you would expect them to be. The interface is user-friendly.

How does GrowthZone make it easier to connect with members?

GrowthZone has allowed us to connect to our members in a way that we weren’t really able to before, and that’s through a few different things. Because it’s so approachable, a lot of our staff use it more often than they would with some of the other AMS solutions that we’ve used. The integration to our website has allowed us to connect to our members and ease the process for them of being a member of our organization. It gives them self-service so they can do some more things on their own, but when they do want to connect with us, it’s not about administrative stuff, it’s about helping them get more out of their membership. In a nutshell, GrowthZone allows us to do more with the time we have with our members so the interaction becomes more valuable and not just about “how do I make a payment?”

What would you say to another association considering a new AMS?

If a colleague were to ask me for advice on choosing a new AMS, I would tell them to take a hard look at GrowthZone. Not everything fits every organization, but of the ones that I’ve evaluated, GrowthZone hits a lot of buttons for a lot of organizations. The flexibility and culture that they have in working with their clients puts them ahead of others that I have experienced. I would say take a look at GrowthZone first.

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