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Case Study

Oregon Trucking Association

“The MemberZone staff walked through all the different features via phone/webinar and helped alleviate changeover stress, so that was great. They worked with us to make sure our website was set up the way we wanted and answered our (million) questions during the onboarding process. It wasn’t as challenging as we expected!”

The Oregon Trucking Association (OTA) has been providing advocacy, training, resources, and many other services to its members for over 75 years. Today, OTA’s membership includes nearly 600 businesses and individuals.

Equipped with experience relative to the trucking industry and a B.S. in Business Administration, Vilija Jozaitis joined OTA two years ago. She quickly discovered that their current association management system (AMS) wasn’t cutting it.

The Challenge
OTA staff were frustrated with data being inaccurate and incomplete. Their data included multiple “open profiles” at one time that were a mess to fix. Plus, when a member didn’t renew, they still showed up in the database and had full access to all of the member benefits.

Vilija began a search for an AMS that would be easy to manage by staff and allow members access to update information themselves. They also wanted the ability to create reports that would track member activity and provide information to make operational decisions about programs and member services.

The Solution
After researching several AMS platforms, the key features of GrowthZone’s MemberZone software checked all of the boxes on their wish list for managing information/data. The selection process also revealed that an investment in MemberZone software would include excellent customer service, affordable cost, and the ability to interact with other platforms for communication via email, financial transactions, and website management.

“MemberZone’s customer service is probably the best I’ve seen anywhere,” said Jozaitis. “They’re polite, intelligent, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.”

The Results
OTA staff are pleased to be able to capture accurate data, including communication history, event and program attendance, and more. Members are empowered by the Member Information Center to register for events, update their profiles, and view the member directory. For the association’s needs and budget, MemberZone was the only platform offering the full customer support they were looking for.

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