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Case Study

Rocky Mount Area Association of REALTORS

“I’m one of GrowthZone’s biggest cheerleaders. To be successful, you need partnerships like we have with GrowthZone… teams working together to provide reliable resources to the customer.”

Efficiency is important when you’re running an association with a staff of only one full-time and one part-time person. After years of working on an antiquated software platform, the Rocky Mount Area Association of REALTORS® (RMAAR) desperately needed a change.

The Challenge

What good is data if it’s not reliable? That was one of the main issues facing the team at RMAAR. The real estate industry depends heavily on technology, which means the technology has to work at all times.

“We were literally inputting the same data into four different products because membership information such as education, financial data, lockbox data, and listing information is all linked to a member’s record,” said RMAAR CEO Terry Stevens. “We struggled with getting our old software to adequately interface with all the technology our members count on every day.”

The Solution

After a three-month search for a new software partner, RMAAR decided on GrowthZone. “I compared the top products and I could easily see how the simplicity of GrowthZone’s intuitive interface would be a better solution for improving my operating efficiencies on many levels,” said Stevens.

“The integration with other products is innovative,” said Stevens. “Information is shared from GrowthZone to various products like NRDS and SentriLock. And it’s responsive so members can access their services the same day.”

The Results

The value seen by the RMAAR team runs deeper than expected. “GrowthZone is an association management software providing a complete solution for the real estate industry,” said Stevens. “Our association no longer has to allocate resources for separate things like contact management, spreadsheets, email, push technology, or additional newsletter products. Everything can be done within GrowthZone.”

“I estimate that we’re at minimum 20% more efficient since we started using GrowthZone,” added Stevens. “The GrowthZone design is user-friendly and the customer service team works with you through the onboarding process to ensure you’re successful.”

Stevens also reports positive member feedback. She’s especially grateful for GrowthZone’s clone feature that allows her to log in as a member to provide them with individualized support by giving them step-by-step guidance to help them get acclimated to the software.

“One of the things that impresses me the most is that GrowthZone is never idle,” added Stevens. “Continuous improvements are ongoing. They’re very committed to the real estate industry and provide value to members through great customer service.”

According to CEO Terry Stevens, here are the top three benefits of GrowthZone:
  1. Accurate Data – “I have complete confidence in the accuracy of the system and its extensive reporting features.”
  2. Member Communication – “Ongoing communication with our members is essential. The email and push technology allow us to keep them updated with the information necessary to ensure their success.”
  3. Member InfoHub – “In just a few clicks, members can access their financial records, manage their marketing profiles, and register for events all from their private member hub.”
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